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No logs spawn in my game. Anyone else have that problem?

Is there any plans to update this game further? I heard about plans for a 2.0 update back in november. Is it still in dev? 

I love this game by the way.  First time i launched it spent over 6 hours playing. I enjoyed quite a bit of it. However, Could you possibly make the camera move a little faster? even on max sensitivity its still very slow. Other than that the game is pretty good.

is this game 32-bit or 64?

im running it on a 32bit computer just fine, so i guess its 32 bit

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does anyone know how to find the save file location? I bought this game a few weeks back and can't seem to find the file save area :/ I've checked AppData (local, locallow and roaming) and My Documents, any idea where the saves are! thanks in advance for whoever answers lol.

Still no luck? I saw this on the facebook post. I want to know the same because I'm getting ready to reprogram my laptop and I want to back up my save for this game as well.

nah no luck :( I've looked everyone and no one seems to know where it is.

okay deleted previous comment had to run in different compatibility mode so working great now! Love the game!

I LOVE this game the only thing it lacks is content more to do places to go tons of more items and weather affecting your status and wind and everything just think The Long Dark in terms of detail and I can play forever

when will the next update be? I loved the basis of the game and hope it is continuing?

hi, i cant craft a canoe as i dont have the option to create iron nails. How do i create iron nails?

You can craft nail with a forge and ingots.

Where is desert island.. i cud find only one island in this game that's volcano.. please tell me where is islands situated

follow the river through the main island you spawn on going opposite way as the Volcanic island and you should see it.

hi. I live in England therefore I use GBP, aka £. I do not know how to purchase this game with great British pounds. How do I do this.

I bought all versions how and when will i know that there is an update?

I just got the update message in the mail

I've bought it for android and I love it. Can I have it for PC with any discount?

any update?

Where is the best to follow this game? (coming updates,changelog etc..) facebook,twitter,this site,steam.... etc... ?

Major news and updates are on Facebook and the main blog site. Minor news is posted on twitter

I love the game , I'm playing in Android without any problem, patiently wait for your version of Windows 32-bit and all updates. very good work.

I bought this game, there was no disclaimer that said it was only for win 64 bix, as I have windows 32 bit, so I payed 9.99 for nothing.

There will be a 32 bit version rolled out in a few days with the next update. If you would like a refund until then, email


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without multiplayer/lan/co-op kinda pointless game

the camera turning is too slow/bad (inside the cave it's even more terrible)

and of course add more variety of stuff

could be good but within it's actual stage it's a bad game even for a mobile


Incorrect this game is amazing there is plenty to do yea it needs fixing and upgrades but he is making a pretty nice update. When it releases it will add alot to the game. Also you said with mutliplayer it is pointless it'ss survival it's you on an island surviving I mean come on dude you want mp go play cod I mean really man come on your trash talking a great game just because your sulled up over multiplayer.


Such a sandbox survival game like this needs multiplayer option because playing alone get boring very early.

The enemies (wils animals,cerberus) are not enough strong u can easily beat most of them early game without proper gear.

Are u really that stupid? that you bring it up? cod? So you only play COD online with others? nothing elese? You are such a funny kid... yea i want multiplayer... 99.999999999% od the survival games are multiplayer just beacuse without it survival games get boring and boring and boring early cuz there is always a little stuff u can do and after u achived u feel yourself in a empty world. So yes! it must have multiplayer or! if it want to stay singleplayer survival he must add a storyline, a path that the player must go along.

Example: Right now u can go into the cave at the start of the game and get iron+coal easily so u can start creating iron/steel stuff from the very beggining , I watched a video where the player killed cerberus with a single machete and not wearing armor....

My opinion:

So the iron cave should be defended by bears (which u cannot kill with stone tools) so first u would craft a little base here (collecting stone+wood with stone tools), than find chickens to collect feathers for arrows so u can shoot the bears so u can advence into the "iron age" than u should be advencing into the steel age but cooal should be guarded by enemies which require iron weapons + some kind of armor to be able to defeat , after u got steel stuff u can move on to the lava island and kill cerberus and collect obsidian.

I also find that the world is little empty and badly designed for a fixed map. If everything would spawn random i say ok where it's looks like right now but it's fixed (everyting spawn/respawn at the very same spot) so u should design it to look much better/balanced. (so far i only foudn 1 sugar cane and it's not even near water)

Thanks for your suggestions, multiplayer will be coming soon along with some challenging changes to gameplay

nice game bud... is for windows x64? i have x32 & dont work... in Android all good bud in windows 7 x32 exe dont work, what is the problem?

Very good game 10/10

There will be a 32 bit version rolled out in a few days with the next update. If you would like a refund until then, email

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Do you think to add (lan) multiplayer? I want to buy it to my brother and play with him. It can be good.

Yes, soon

I can't play the game. When it get froze at the beginning. I bought the whole package. Anyone can help me please?

Make sure you put the obb file in the correct folders. The instructions are included. If you still have problems, email: for help.

Hi Scorpion seen this post and wanted to see if you were able to get it working? For future I will be making a tutorial on how to download and play on android and will post video link here.


Did you send me the Thrive Island prize yet? Gave you my email.

yes I was able to do it. I only rename the Thrive Island to the setup name.

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Awesome good to hear.

If it's possible in one of the future updates, could you add First-Person?


Yep, working on adding first person view as soon as possible


such an awesome game. U will need a high end android though. The game is so good I've stopped playing on my dodgy old phone and started playing on computer. This developer has delivered everything he promised. As a solo dev he's done very well I hope he continues to bring us great updates. This game is awesome. So worth the mone